Daily Schedule

Ms. Stump’s Preschool Schedule 2017-2018


7:15- Arrival (unpack, mystery question, small choices, announcements)

7:45 (after announcements)- Name Practice, Breakfast, Bathroom

8:15- Outside

8:45- Opening Group (Calendar, Weather, Physical Self-Regulation, Community Building, Share the News, Message of the Day)

9:00- Small Group 1- (Nine children with Ms. Stump and nine with Mrs. Randolph)

9:20- Make-Believe Play Block (Plan, Play, Clean-up, Play Practice)

10:00- Snack

10:15- Small Group 2- (Groups switch)

10:45- Outside

11:15- Special Activity- Music, Art, STEM, Movement, Social Skills Building

11:45- Lunch in Classroom

12:15- Calm Time

12:30- Nap/Teacher Planning

1:50- Wake up- Clean up nap mats, bathroom, pack up, closing group- songs or story

2:15- Dismissal

**Times are subject to change depending on emergencies that may arise.**