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Cat Reading!
Select 3rd graders enjoyed having a chance to read to cats from the Roanoke Pound. It helped calm the cats and gave the students a fun audience to read to!
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rail dawgs
Read to Me Day
Thanks to players from the Rail Dawgs hockey team and other members of the community for stopping by to read as part of our Read to Me Day!
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Catapult Competition
Congratulations to 3rd graders from Ms. King's class who won our LT catapult competition against their 3rd grade peers. Their catapult will be in a competition against teams from other RCPS schools!
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Thank You!
Thank you to Keith Johnson and committee member Tami Amos who presented a generous donation to our school following a successful William Fleming Alumni Weekend!
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Recess Equipment Donation
Thanks to a generous donation from AEP, our students now have a cart full of equipment to use at recess! AEP did a donation drive to gather the materials. Thanks to a grant from AEP, Mr. Roberts will be able to purchase equipment for the gym as well!
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Substitute Delegate Rasoul
Delegate Sam Rasoul has made it his goal this year to substitute teach in each of the city schools! He was a substitute for our 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Shelor, and had a chance to teach Science, Social Studies, and Writing! What a great way to see first-hand what is going on in education!
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