Virtual and Canvas Information

What Do I Need to Know About Virtual Learning?

All students district wide will be using the learning management system (LMS) Canvas. All assignments, grades, videos, and content will be found in Canvas. We will be emailing you a short video that shows you how to login and move around Canvas.

Students will be meeting with teachers and other students using the Teams program. It is integrated into Canvas. Students only have to click on a link to join virtual meetings with teachers. These links will be found in Canvas.

Your student has an email account. This email account is how they are linked to Canvas. They will use it to log into their account. Once they have logged into Canvas they can save their password so they don’t have to log into the account each time.

Students will have access to Office 365 through their clever portal account. They will be able to use Word, PowerPoint, Teams and other Office products using their account.


How does my child log into Canvas?

  1. Turn on the computer.
  2. Log onto school computer.
    1. Example:Albert EinsteinStudent # 987654Username: aeins654 Password: 987654
  3. Get onto the Roanoke City Schools (Chrome works best.)
  4. Hover over the students tab.Choose Web – Based Student Programs. Canvas is the first listed. Click on Canvas
  5. Log into Canvas
    1. Example: Username: [email protected] Password: 987654
  6. You will immediately be taken to the Canvas “dashboard”. This shows all the classes that your student is enrolled in this school year.

Feel free to look around the different classes. Click on the Homeroom page to see information about your classroom teacher.


Which Classes Are Taught Virtually?

We will be teaching Reading, Language Arts (grammar & writing), Math, Science, VA Studies and Spelling. Assignments, quizzes and tests are going to be given through Canvas and Performance Matters. These grades will be the grades recorded for the report card. There will also be practice assignments and games that students will play in order to increase their skills in different subjects.

How long will my student be working independently on the computer each day?

We don’t want the students to be on the computer 6 hours a day. We would like for them to be working independently on the computer for 1-2 hours a day. We will be giving a daily schedule for the first few weeks to give you an idea of how much time to spend in each subject. Students may spend 30-40 minutes in reading and 30 minutes in math. Science & VA studies will begin with live instruction and sometimes end with independent work.

Will my child be meeting with the teacher during the day?

We want to meet with children in small groups, one on one or in whole group as much as possible. We will be getting information from you to determine the best time of the day for your child to meet. If they are at daycare and cannot meet during the school day hours, the lessons will be videotaped and placed in the subject card for students to view at a later time so that students can watch any lesson/meeting that they may have missed.